Jeremy Westgate's extraordinary photographic artworks appear as if created by celestial mechanics and gravitational forces. They glow with an otherworldly light in a deep black void.

Using a unique process, Jeremy is able to develop the colours and textures from his photographs of the places and objects that are hinted at in the artwork titles from a French river gorge to a British nuclear power plant.

Born in the UK Jeremy Westgate spent years as a cameraman in the film industry. His work has mainly been with musicians, everyone from The Prodigy to Tom Jones, Edwin Starr to Paulo Nutini. This was a hectic lifestyle, travelling to the far corners of the world, required to think fast and produce images that were dramatic but fleeting.

Now given more time he has turned his skills to producing highly considered and controlled still images, utilising long exposure and expressive camera movement. The artworks created in this way are vibrant and dynamic with an undeniable depth and meaning.